brother shows me how
the light will stick to a sleeve ~
we pirate the night


11 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Without the title, I would have been lost. I have confessed to not knowing anything about poetry, but I DO like a LOT of what I read even if I don’t understand everything. It’s about the roll off the tongue, the placement of words, the sound, the rhythm. I DO like this.

      1. I never said I was smart. Maybe my excuse is because it’s 1:20 a.m. I NEVER am up this late. I’ve been babysitting my daughter’s dog as she and her hubby went on date night to celebrate their 15th anniversary tonight. ~(+_+)~~ zzzzzzzzzz

    1. My brother and I used to do this. We would smudge their lights on our clothing and run around on the grass like fireflies until our parents said it was too dark outside to play anymore.

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