New Skin

O let it be
A great mountain movement
That tears this tent in two
Letting the black blood ooze out
Slow and sour to commiserate rain

O let it be
A falling down and a waking up
A cleansing of hands with fire and hyssop
A prayerful plea on elephant knees
Piled up and driven like ox and snow

O let it be
A raucous voice shouting rounds
With no words for the left overs
A new wineskin on old dregs
Wrapping what precious remains

O let it be
A clanking celebration
Of recovered beliefs and bones
A rejoicing for goodness and gladness
For the new skin on the old skin


2 thoughts on “New Skin

  1. So wonderfully evoked. However, the last line for me feels less strong as a mantra than the stand-alones previous. Perhaps if you had eroded the phrase somewhat, made it new by subtraction rather than repetition. Or cut it as unnecessary. Only thoughts…

    1. I could get rid of it…I guess I just kept rambling what I was thinking. Thanks for the thoughtful insights! The prompt called for repetition….so I stuck it to ’em 3 more times. 😉

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