It’s Earth Day!

imagesIt’s Earth Day!  Woo-hoo!  Way to hang in there…Earth:)

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record….

Ummm.  Hold on.  I’m not ex-act-ly sure Earth Day is today because I’m using last year’s calendar. I crossed out Sunday and wrote Monday, crossed out Monday and wrote Tuesday, etc.  My great recycling efforts have led to my confusion.

Other like-minded save-the-Earth people are mixing things up too. Like the beach restaurant owners who closed their restroom doors and installed port-a-potties with hand sanitizer dispensers, one of which was empty.

I admit I wasn’t thrilled about the change, but I didn’t catch any communicable diseases either.  I have been known to share other people’s bath towels too, though.  Been there, done that. Experienced no adverse effects.

On the home front, the water police gave my neighbor a warning for watering on the wrong day.  Shoot dude, why water at all?  Put in some xeriscaping (yeah, it’s a thing) or let it grow wild in the back like me.  Buck the system and go native. earth-day

You may have already judged me as a dirty hippie, cheapskate, or lolly-gagger.  I’m okay with that. Shocker, I know. I’m just saying why not rock your world, and give it some love.  Use the same cup or towel all week-long, because Earth day should be every day. According to my calendar it is.


22 thoughts on “It’s Earth Day!

  1. It is in my household. My husband won’t let me get away with not recycling! He’ll go into the garbage if I threw out the wrong item and place it in the recycling bin. At first this used to irritate me, but now I’m ok with it! He’s right.

      1. thank you! and same to you. I’m probably going to see if i can get some shots of the migratory birds that are now here, after I get some chores done! The birds are sleeping now anyway, and will be more active after 3pm. I guess that doesn’t sound like I’m being more responsible today! Or doing anything different -):

  2. Crap, this post made me realize that I as well am a dirty hippie. I was leaning towards lazy chic, but I guess there comes a point when you can only turn your underwear inside out so many times before you quit them altogether.

  3. I love this. I agree Earth Day should be everyday. I use the same towel for at least a couple of days, or three, or four. lol. Honestly, my entire household of 4 have their own hooks for their towels. It took awhile to get it through my 12 year old’s head that she is drying off from a shower, where hopefully she did bathe. So, she is drying off her clean body, the towel hangs to dry, and it’s not dirty. I did go to jail once in 04 for 10 days. Cops frown upon people driving on a suspended license here in VA. In there, they give everyone 1 cup to use. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee break………….. same cup. I didn’t die from it either. Great post.

    1. Keeping it real, Donetta:) I enjoy hearing how other people live because it isn’t much different from my set ways. My husband watched a Dr. Oz segment that discouraged using other family members towels because they would be reaching into some nether regions (his word choice), you wouldn’t want to touch with a hand, so why with a towel? I’m like you…it’s been cleansed. Live and let live.

  4. I love the whole bit about the calendar. I’m totally like that too. “Wait, what year is it, anyway?” We have a special breed of hippies here in Portland – they drink from the same knitted-cozy-covered mason jar for days on end. 😉 I feel like a fraud with the stainless steel travel mug I carry to every coffee shop.

  5. back in college my friends visited the Phillippines for a mission trip where they lived amongst the urban poor, and they stayed with a family that lives and earns their livelihood by combing through a trash dump to look for metals that they recycle. when my friends returned, they brought back their new perspectives and changed lives. from then on we always brought our own plates/spoons to dinner gatherings and dining halls, never using plasticware.

    everyday should be earth day! =D

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