From Austerlitz



“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”



    • Thanks. I remembered reading how Napolean would look his captains square in the eye before each battle, as if to impart inspiration.

  1. Historical romance-wow Angie,love where you took this :-)Also love the “look” and “feel” of this letter-authentic 🙂

  2. I love this! And the presentation especially. One day I will figure out how to do cool stuff like that on my blog!

  3. So inspired and wonderfully lyrical, romantic and passionate at the same time. Your use of the words and the picture added the sweet yearning he must have felt for his Nanette.


  4. Hi Angie, this is lovely and sweet. I like the sense of hope and longing together. The only thing is, it’s only 41 words!

  5. Hmm, I think in that case we’d have to count the full date, including the numerals. For example, if someone writes a post with a year (“I was born in 1974…”) we would count the number as a word. Same thing here. I actually wasn’t counting the date as part of the submission at all (which might not have been quite right either).

  6. I like that you chose to approach this challenge in the form of a letter. It actually made me feel nostalgic for letter writing. It’s such a lost art these days. Karen

    • This was my first “letter” form. An unusually short one at that, but perhaps during war there wasn’t much time for sentiment. Most letters my Grandmother wrote really ramble and need collation. Ha ha

  7. I really like “I forget why we war when sleep will not come.” We can be easily swept away in the momentum of things, but it can be another story when we have time to think about it.

    Lovely piece and presentation!

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