Do You See Her Much?

from her house
are arranged
on a coffee table:
sepia people in love,
a russet-brown palomino,
unrecalled grandchildren.
Orderlies observe
her daily
fifteen minutes
in the reflection room,
and when I visit
she’s slumped over
in a pink velvet chair.


40 thoughts on “Do You See Her Much?

      1. You nailed it.

        Most of those patients were either quiet or good-humored. There was one lady who was quick to anger, and she would try to hurt you. I might need to write about her. (She had spunk.)

  1. You did a great job of conveying a quiet and sad sort of hopelessness – too subdued for despair. More of a general wilting. Really nice. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Loved the line ‘sepia people in love,’ and felt anger at the ‘observe/ her daily/ for/ fifteen minutes’. I admire than you can tell so much in so few words and get me going. 😉

  3. I love how you used color descriptions in this. It totally changed the way I would have felt about it if you hadn’t done that. Like.. it gave it more depth. Cool!

  4. Loved the rich texture defined by the underlying sadness-don’t know which is sadder-being physically disabled or becoming mentally absent?Great job 🙂

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