dead cat in a box

tiny jaw ghastly agape

–trash collection day





22 thoughts on “Raw

      1. what’s more weird is this is the fourth pet death I have read about or heard about today … I hugged my cat, saddened by your loss. I went through this a few years back, and to this day I cannot read the poem I wrote remembering my previous cat. Take care.

      2. I’d hate to make things worse, but if you care to read my older poem, it is called Rainwatching. It was kind of my way of remembering my Angel.

      3. I’ll try that. Next week. I will also be AWOL this weekend. We are going on a family retreat, which should also help me get out of this house and everything that reminds me that Scully’s not here. Have a good weekend.

  1. Sorry to hear about Scully. We were just talking to Clete about her when he was here with Kenzie the other day. Never easy to lose a family pet.

    1. Yes, Maddie. We were also wondering what we were going to do with our little old cat (a,k.a, “the noisy cat” to your family) for the family weekend…and summer camp…the timing of it all was the best it could have been. Hope to see you and Dixie soon.

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