Dark Horse

never thought of
you lay
dead for ten thousand
and just what
does that make me?
what does that make me?
king wizard,
the monster, a beetle with wings?
all bets are on
now that dark horse is gone


George Harrison



8 thoughts on “Dark Horse

  1. not sure if you reference more than one song or not, but this is such a fun prompt today. I used to snicker at those upod shuffle prompts, but not anymore. Great job.

    1. Thanks…I was listening to Macklemore radio and got “ten thousand hours,” and “wings” from them. Then it shuffled to Katy Perry “Dark Horse” (though I like Switchfoot’s better…to Eminem “The Monster,” and Kid’s “King Wizard.” Not my usual fare, but it worked for a poem. George Harrison is pictured just because❤️

      1. almost anything except what you listen to LOL, well, ok, I do like Switchfoot. I do not do rap, or most radio friendly music, other than classic rock and modern country. My preferences are for jazz, what I call instrumental acoustic or electronic music, but I am also a rocker through and through, 70s to some scream heavy metal. I had 300GB of music on my laptop, which died recently, so I am resigned to do mostly streaming online music now, Pandora, et al.

      2. who says I gotta? I admire the lyrical genius of their songs, and some of the music, but I was only three months old when they arrived here … LOL. I do like their music, just teasing you. I just never had the mania thing for them or Elvis or Michael Jackson … I was deprived, a late bloomer, still catching up with bands I was not allowed to listen to as a teen LOL

    1. Better late than never. We are 1/3 of the way through, I’ve heard. I won’t be able to post this weekend because I’m disconnecting from electronics and recharging by campfire. Best of luck to you.

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