after Marianne Moore

I, too, hate poetry:  people should be doing something
better with their lives
not so superfluous; you know–stupid.
I had to read poetry in our Holt Language & Literature Arts book,
it was for a grade,
and I suppose there
was sort of something in it

Like a thing-am-a-bob accordion, a silver thread to the moon, and a balloon filled with pretty people
All as important as my dad’s checkbook, or text messages and snapchats I send to my friends
those poetry things can be just as useful even if I don’t believe:
Jimmy Jet turns into a TV set, a mad girl flies off to the moon,
or a book is a Frigate; you know–not a bad word, but a boat.

The big green book, which is not my property, is turning Room 503
into an imaginary garden
where the boy who sits behind me and makes strange noises is a frog
and I’m a green tomato on a vine
waiting to happen.
And reading.
Turns out
I kind of like poetry.

Click on for today’s prompt to re-write a famous poem. I chose Marianne Moore’s Poetry.



    • I’m glad you found the snarky words of a middle school kid, “beautiful.” At least I gave you a happy ending.😊

  1. Congrats on being featured on NaPoWriMo for today!! Well deserved. I hope other poets wander by and check out your gifts.

  2. “Predicted dismal day?” Come sub for me in Kindergarten where nothing is predictable!

    • Thanks, I too love cumming’s balloon flying to a keen city, filled with pretty people. It’s so perfectly adolescent or just scrumptious.

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