Blowing This Dime Store

PhotoFunia-3bdb22It’s time to blow this crazy. Leave it all behind…maybe for good.

Goodbye lime green bedroom walls I chose before my adolescent teeth (or head) got straightened out.

Goodbye adopted scrawny cat who pees on my fresh piles of clean clothes. I don’t get why you sleep in the bathtub either, you weirdo.

Goodbye to the freaky life-sized stuffed dog no one loves except my little sister.  It’s a poor excuse for the real thing anyway. Dang last dog burned mom’s last bit of hope and decency, and all that’s right in the world.

See you later cat-scratched sofa with the stuffing falling out.  Me and my homies crashed there many a night and drooled all over you.

I’ll miss you all!!!

Mom: you gave up on cooking anything really edible for all of us, but I forgive you as long as you crack some walnuts for me when I come home Thanksgiving break.

Dad: you tried ruthlessly to hug me a for reals hug, and it never worked, so maybe I’ll work on giving more back than the awkward side hug next time I see you.

Sister #1:  If you move into my room, leave the stuff I don’t take in the closet okay? And if you re-paint the walls, don’t make it stupid. And P.S. you’re on the couch when I come home.

Sister #2: Stop growing so tall, you giant! Stay sweet, white girl. Peace out.

Sister #3: Hey, maybe we can be pen pals… if you’d ever get off the iPad.  Oh, okay I’ll FaceTime you. If I have time.

Sayonara, arrivederci, farewell…I’m shoving off for better shores. Luv ya~ wouldn’t want to be ya!

Uhmm…how much money am I getting?



  1. This makes me laugh. My youngest still has the back seat from his older brother’s jeep taking up half of his closet.

    • Glad you got a laugh, Vanessa…I’ll have to remember to laugh when I’m crying after she’s finally “gone.” I won’t be empty-nesting for quite a few more years though. This whole re-configuring thing is tricky.

    • Eee gads! Must we see ourselves reflected in both our prodigy and our parents? It’s either “leave me alone,” or “where did I leave the keys?” Stuck in the middle, for now. Thanks for your comment!

    • YOU…will be an empty-nester my bro. I don’t have toddlers anymore, but you can take a moody teen on your couch once in awhile to remind you how nice your newfound silence might really be. lol

  2. Omg I did this at 18 for a summer in mexico with a girlfriend and when I came back found out my mom gave my room away to my little sister! I moved out of the house within the week, and never looked back! Greetings from Egypt!

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