California Treasures

We know that if we get too close
It will kill us but what does that matter
I’d rather smell of musty, green stench
Than of sweet, fragrant lilac
Wavering this way and that with the wind
Feathers falling, one by one, like snowflakes
And the moonlight flowing over all
In the churchyard, the dead beneath
Both of us trying hard to feel luckier
Than we feel, both of us pointing out
The quiet surface of our island waters
More dangerous than the deep end of a pool

(Yummy lines I found in my 13 year-old’s Lit. textbook)


2 thoughts on “California Treasures

    1. She asked me to type up a found poem she needed to turn in for an assignment, and that inspired me to pluck out a few lines myself from her Lit. book. Are you still on vacation, Tess?

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