It’s Always Something

donkey.jpgIt figures that on National Poetry Day I would begin a non-poetic series I’d like to call,  “It’s Always Something.”  Or as my upstream-paddling mother used to say, “It’s just one damn thing after another.”

Last night was a new experience for me.  I scooped Taki barf out of the bathtub.  Seems my Taki enthusiast daughter overdosed on those ratchet chips while we watched the movie Frozen.  I literally heard it go down like this. She was sitting on the toilet when stomach spasms struck her, and she instinctively lurched forward to the tub.

As luck would have it, a water pitcher was sitting on the counter for me to grab for immediate clean-up because the tree in our front yard sent a thousand roots into our water line, temporarily shutting off our water earlier that day.  The fireman’s carry plan was my hubby’s idea to transfer our backyard swimming pool water to our toilet tank so we could flush down all the…well, you know.

Ya, ya.  So if I wouldn’t put this in a poem, why would I air this publically?  Simple.  To warn others of the takis.jpgdangers of Taki overconsumption!!  Bwa ha ha. Seriously. Takis are officially banned at our house.  And maybe Chinese elm trees too, because their root systems are diabolical.

But such is life!  We clean up nice enough. We better, because this evening we’re seeing a live performance of Shrek the Musical…at wence there shall be NO Taki consumption!  I’m okay with Shrek and Fiona being the only things green tonight, if you know what I mean.



  1. that was funny…I swore i saw your daughter near the mailbox hiding a purple bag of something?

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