Old Funk Birthday

forty-six years ago
who’d have thunk
up this old funk

40 years ago
i never thought
i’d still be alive

so from where i’m sitting
today in paradise…
paradise I tell ya
because we own a Keurig

i oughta big brag
on my daughter
who set her alarm
who set her alarm!

to get up and make me
heart pancakes

with a side
of turkey bacon
so i ain’t complaining
’bout this old funk birthday

or them dirty dishes
or batter stuck to the stove
because i got me, because i got me
a tall glass of milk


9 thoughts on “Old Funk Birthday

  1. sounds to me like somebody’s getting old LOL … I mean, Happy Birthday with best wishes and all that. You will have to teach me about this soundcloud stuff 🙂 it is truly a joy to listen to you recite your poems.

    1. If even us old folk can do SoundCloud, I think you can manage. You just need to download the app on your computer. The rest is as simple as pressing a big red ‘record’ button. Fool proof

  2. I say you’re only as old as you feel, and you sound like you still feel pretty young! I hope your birthday went superb!

    1. Great to see you stopped in for a listen, look-see, Kev! My birthday has been beautiful with 2 cheesecakes yet to taste! And, no…I don’t feel old yet…just hating the maintenance this age seems to require, gah.

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