When I Woke Up


I swallowed the most
propelling air and
another amazing thing
happened. I was
swimming in the rain;
arms and legs turning
round recollected circles
like a poet who conjures
up pretty pets from
docile, dreaming words
until something like
a golden fish emerges
with a silky swishy tail
rushing and receding
in bubbled sea glass
which is supposedly
impossible yet entirely
plausible if you’re
well-spoken enough.


12 thoughts on “When I Woke Up

    1. Thank you, Michael. It was my first attempt at reading my poetry on SoundCloud. It feels really strange to put so much of myself into a piece (even the photo). I would love to read aloud more poems to get more of a spoken, unique rhythm.

      1. I have often been encouraged to consider Soundcloud, but I am not as brave as you I guess, plus I am not sure my poems would work as spoken word poetry. I have trouble simply inserting links so I do not know how I would copy audio files to a post or deal with getting recording settings set and working correctly. Sounds too overwhelming LOL

    1. Thanks. I’d wanted to try the whole SoundCloud thing for awhile. Not sure exactly what intonation to speak with. Or whatever?? I know it’s not supposed to be acting, bit it felt flat to me.

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