Leaving The House This Morning

Every dish is dirty. The cat hides under a bed. My daughter cracks open a Cheetos bag for breakfast. This will end badly. Two Tylenol, two errands, two more texts.  Message from other daughter: idk. whatever. bye. To which I reply: Stop being so snotty. Push send. This will be the death of me. Moody skies. Two hundred miles to go. Road-tripping. My fingers rake tangled hair. I paddle hard. East at first. Swim south-west into eucalyptus and oaks. I roll down my window, grab some air in one hand.


laughter is leaping
a hundred miles faraway
tickling pink orchards

What you say strikes me funny. Something about slow and swaggy. Yes. Slow and swaggy. I hear myself laugh as we roll down the highway. I forget myself and start naming trees and plants like I’m a botanist.  Of course, I use the word flora. Of course, I use alliteration. Bird of paradise, bottle brush, beech…  (There aren’t any bleeding hearts.)



    • It was a happy road trip to visit a college my daughter is interested in. I came back to the same dirty dishes, but hubby cleaned up that mess. Dealing with our 2 shiftless daughters at home, was on both of our evening plates however😗

      • I had only one daughter and she was the work of two, or maybe I’m suffering the overwhelm of old memories. 😀

        Something I would never do when I was much younger is leave dirty dishes or a messy house. I sure changed my tune when I found out the world wouldn’t come to an end if I did. such a relief. I feel the same about dusting.

      • I, too, passed from perfection to “good enough.” In grad school, that term as coined by Winnecott made an impression on me. It took 10 years or more for me to do more than just like it, but live it.

  1. Sometimes you just want to push them out the car as you are driving along 🙂

    This is definitely everyday life. I like how you have done it 🙂

  2. That was so unexpected. I like the way you wrote it. Reading it I felt I was rolling along in the car with you listening to you list trees and birds.

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