‘Round the Mulberry Tree

Here we go ’round the mulberry tree,  mulberry tree, mulberry tree.


Everyday ’round the mulberry tree the same people go to and fro, to and fro, passing the old man’s lemonade yellow house with the white Virgin Mary fountain that nobody ever questions. It is winter, and the old man wears a gray fedora and gloves. He stacks a beaver-pile of spindly mulberry limbs neatly at his front curb.  What’s left of the tree looks like the hand of my uncle bungled up with arthritis at the knuckles. I want to melt it away, so I think of summer when the old man hog ties the mulberry’s leafy branches to an elm branch forming arms over his purple washed car. I must admit the mulberry looks downright saintly and smart when it arches like that. Like bending that way was its entire purpose all along. I heard it was Herb Watanabe, the drugstore guy who died, who brought the mulberry to town. So here it is, and on we go ’round the mulberry tree, the mulberry tree. She goes, he goes, we go. There ain’t no fruit. Nah, there ain’t no fruit in it, but if you’re lucky there might be some shade.


10 thoughts on “‘Round the Mulberry Tree

    1. Thank you, Tess. I pass this tree everyday…and wonder how it is I missed an entire family around the corner moving out?? Terrible, how I see the tree and missed somebody moving.

      1. It’s because of T. S. Eliot’s influence in my reading last week. He changed the child’s tune of “Here we go ’round the mulberry bush,” to “prickly pear.” I thought I’d try my hand and change it to mulberry tree…and there are an abundance of those in my neighborhood.

    1. Thanks. My “talk” is simple compared to yours. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around your family being born in you….I like that & agree that we carry home with us as a birthright.

      1. There’s no err. It’s art that we both admire. Your voice is unique. I’m finding my own as I go along. I think owning my home (past) makes my voice more authentic on the upside, simple on the downside. I’m sure you know this, seeing you know shrinks aren’t cheap. 😊

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