Comfort food
you know — mac & cheese ,
butter on butter,
large diet coke.
My old town.

Ted Koozer’s mom
at the back table,
I think.
She knows me.

Aren’t you
Brenda’s daughter?
I heard your daddy

Ted Koozer’s mom
She sees me,
the artichoke bowl —
before the waitress
takes it away.


9 thoughts on “Familiar

    1. Now i’m curious, and also laughing to myself over my faux pas. This name must have been stuffed somewhere in the recesses of my brain. No, I do not know Ted Kooser, or his mom. I actually changed the real name of a person I know with a similar spelling.

      1. That IS funny. Here I was trying to remember if I’d read anything by him with this kind of structure!

        To be fair, my tongue was half way or so in my cheek when I said that. You know, we poets do stretch the truth from time to time. I’ve sure been known to out-and-out lie for the sake of a poem. Hell, no rules when it comes to that in my opinion. Sometimes we have to lie through our teeth to get at the truth of the poem.

        Kooser is great. I’ve been eyeing up a “about poetics” book of his on Amazon for a while. And his Valentine poems are fun. He wrote and sent Valentines to hundreds of women for a number of years, that he printed on post-cards.

    1. Yes, I believe the ryu theme has the option to slide the background color anywhere from white to black. You can also put in a custom background image…but I just kept mine “clean.”

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