Ordinary Days

It’s the usual suspects. Sentinel trees at the south end of town, a lone sparrow on a barbed-wire fence, a white horse I call Angel in the corner corral. Oh. And all. that. land! I love roaming with the coyotes and jackrabbits; happening upon sunning lizards and field mice contented with holes for homes. If the wind is up, I head for the ashen river bed to sink low into its serpentine crevices. I adjust. My shoes. They never fail to leave prints in loose dirt, for the lost to find a way over gates and under fences. I notice things. Like this anchored thing in the ground. Some tossed wall art? Some twigs all twisted? Neither. Someone’s bent-up backyard grill rack, the weight of it now in my hand. With a heave and a ho, through the air it goes. This old new thing. It gives me glee.

ordinary days
satisfactorily dislodged ~
wind comes sweeping through



  1. This is so lovely Angie, I did so enjoy your haibun and the haiku is exquisite also the images you used reminded me of places around where I live in Australia.

    • Thanks, Michael. It’s funny how our homes, though they be separated by oceans, are not s different. I enjoyed reading about your past week in your life very much too. Sounds like a nice time with Jenny.

      • Thanks Angie, it was the photos it could have been any old Australian farm. Thanks about last week, it was a great week, couldn’t have gone better. My time with family and friends the best of times. Creating something with my artist son was very special, he is doing so well all around the world. Jenny is lovely, wonderful personality, we did enjoy each other’s company as we do work well together.

      • I have needed your advice and have basically laid prone all day. I may sneak off to the library though, to take along some good reads for tomorrow’s flights. Any suggestions?

      • Have your read The Most Magnificent Marigold Hotel and Heartbreak hotel? The first one is different from the movie. Both are by same author (name escapes me). I fell in love with the characters.They grow on you and you can’t help wishing they were real.
        I recently finished a new book The Art Forgerer and am currently into Doctor sleep by S. King (sequal to The Shining). What do you like to read?

      • The Art Forgerer was on display. I’ll look into that one. I’ve heard good things about your 1st suggestion too. For this short trip I only checked out books of poetry. Thanks!

  2. Very nice.
    And also off in the distance, the feature that becomes more common in our landscapes with each passing day: the cell phone tower. My parents live in rural New Hampshire and I was startled to see one on top of a once familiar hill-scape last time I was there. I thought “No wonder I don’t have to stand on a chair in the corner northwest bedroom to get reception now. =)

    • Ha ha ha. Yes, the land is a’changing! That’s so funny that you once had to find the highest point in the house to make a cell phone call!

  3. I’d say any writing slump you might have been experiencing has been effectively lifted — yay Angie! This is a delightful, almost musical read (and I love that it’s illustrated). One of my favorite posts of yours *ever.*

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