An Olympic Resolution


Fat don’t fly.

My husband and I both looked sideways at each other when we heard the Olympic Trial announcer state the obvious of flight and mechanics as it related to ski jumping. Hmmm. What hit me like a ton of bricks, however, was asking myself the question: What’s the fat in my life that’s holding me down?  Indeed! Here’s to a new year, with wings.  Remember…fat don’t fly, my friends.

Prompt provided by Trifectra. Michael Hess inspired us with his three word New Year’s resolution – just be nice.  We’re asking for your own resolutions in just three words.  Make it count; we’ll be checking back in come 2014.
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  1. This is brilliant! My life definitely needs some “trimming”. And I’ll also be thinking of you when it comes to launching our daughters:)

  2. Eerie. I accompanied my son’s class on their field trip to a “farm” recently. The guide talked to the kids about birds and about how even a large owl doesn’t weigh much, because it has to be able to fly. I got lost in some reverie of metaphor and didn’t even realize when we moved on to the next animal. 🙂 Happy New Year. Thanks for linking up.

    • The question is, are we built for flight? As a poet, I say absolutely. As a realist, I say absolutely, NOT. The Wright brothers gave us the in-between, and the Olympic ski jumpers give us dreams. Happy new year!

    • These 3 words have been stuck in my head ever since I heard them uttered so matter-of-factly. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees their worth. Good luck cutting the “fat” out of your daily living, so that you can “fly.” Hope certainly does sprout wings.

  3. Boy, did I ever learn this when I downsized from a 3-bedroom to a cozy one-room cottage two years ago. I’ve never been happier. Happy New Year, Angie!

  4. Having the spirit or sensibility to soar is a priceless treasure. Not everyone has it, as you so correctly stated in your post. It is always a good idea to have a good “cleanse” or “spiritual/intellectual/physical detox” once and awhile. Good luck achieving flight in 2014. Happy New Year. 🙂

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