O Holy Nap…

Scrooge, from Charles Dickens: A Christmas Car...

13 missed calls ignoring
It is the last bit of peace I might get
Long lay me here~ the world it keeps on spinning
Till I arise,  blow my nose for its worth

I trust you sung this to the tune of  ‘O Holy Night.’ No? No? You must go back and sing it this time. Sing it. I promise it’s more festive and fun!!  

Let me know the cheer has truly spread by sharing your next verse in the comment section. Keep it going with some thrill of hope, or better yet, of something yonder breaking.  Let’s keep it interesting.

~Cheers,  Salute, Gesundheit, Goodnight & Merry Christmas~


17 thoughts on “O Holy Nap…

      1. If I could find my address book…I’d tell you! Sadly, this year I have lost my little book. It will probably turn up around St. Patrick’s Day (if I’m lucky).

  1. I don’t know that song well enough to write another verse – but my sympathies to you on the cold. Being sick this time of year makes it difficult to keep up with the festivities. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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