Little Ones: A Cinaquain

photo by angie inspired

photo by angie inspired

the lights
dazzle and drip
french vanilla and blueberry
in the minds of my little ones


24 thoughts on “Little Ones: A Cinaquain

      1. Well, you used the form very well, indeed. It works very well with this kind of language so go figure, with your haiku talents, it should come as no surprise.

        Funny. I actually just dropped the “Schmuck” from the piece after a comment from Ms. Light. It was a last minute addition anyway. And not well-thought-through. You might find my response to her comment just as funny though.

      2. I read through your comments to the universe (or Ms. Light), and may I just say…schmucky, schmucky, schmuck! Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade. Merry Christmas!

      1. You’re very welcome! May I just whisper softly in your ear and say the form in cinquain, you can edit this part out btw. PhotoFunia…I’ll have to look into this for Bastet’s Pixelventures and talk about the app! Thanks for your permission!

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