Beautiful Dreams

fair-colored windows~
the barren break forth in song
better than words

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    • You can read more intriguing things in the book of Isaiah. It’s full of poetry, and I’ve been enjoying it lately. Thanks for ruminating on the barren ones.

  1. I was getting ready to say, “There’s something biblical going on here,” and then I noticed your reference to Isaiah 54, which begins with this adjuration: “Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in travail!”

    Thanks for the allusion to the holy…

    Dust and Dreams

    • Yes, whenever I use “thee,” “thou,” or “forth,” that’s a tip-off to something biblical. Good on you!

  2. you didn’t enter the wondrous poem from Kinder class? ah shucks big momma big momma big momma!

    • Singing is also the way to change our minds from feeling sorry for ourselves to soaring above our current trials. Sing a new song! 😮

      • I love reading the psalms! The songs (poems) that still sing and resonate with our plight as human beings! Joy, sorrow, praise, complaining, beseeching, etc etc etc.

  3. What a nice haiku … a masterpiece. I would love to use this one for one of our upcoming Tan Renga Challenges if that’s ok?

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