Stinky Cheese

He really pissed me off.
“I could probably write a haiku about velveeta cheese on your blog, and pass it off as one of your own.”

cut your cheese
you big blockhead!
somewhere else


29 thoughts on “Stinky Cheese

  1. Funny. I love the haiku. Husbands are often synonymous with blockhead, I find. But they are, often enough, pleasant to have around. Your blog is exactly as described.. inspired. I like it!

  2. haha! I kind of want to read that haiku, actually. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to vote!! And if you haven’t already, please email us your address if you’d like to participate in our ornament exchange!

    1. He’s unwilling….now! My daughter did try her hand at it, using phrases from songs she listens to. I told her that was cheating. It went: we’ve given new names/to both our hopes and our dreams/past our sad stories

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