Rustling Leaves

rustling leaves dancing
light breeze brushing rosy cheeks
young hearts aflutter *

kindred to a monarch’s flight
down south the Mexico way

*haiku by Kaykuala



      • :-)Happy Thanksgiving to you and your’s Angie:-)We do not celebrate thanksgiving but am aware of this festival.

      • I realize you do not observe this holiday…just being extra thankful today, which is not a bad idea for every day, when you come to think of it, right?

  1. beautiful image of monarchs in flight – great finish.
    hope your Thanksgiving weekend is going as planned. have a happy blessed one, Angie.

    • Sun, yes-Thanksgiving was great. I enjoyed watching my kids with their cousins, the food, and the family that gathered. Only unplanned thing was a cake that went kerplop in transit. That’s never happened to me…but was quite the unexpected delicious mess.

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