Gathering Seashells

gathering seashells
while ocean tide rise and fall
two sisters bicker -Sun

crab scrambles across rocks
searching for an escape hatch -angie inspired


16 thoughts on “Gathering Seashells

      1. Sigh. It takes me forever to write prose and I want to hold on to the hair I have for as long as possible. 🙂
        M.a.y.b.e. someday. Nice of you for the invite, though. I’m tickled pink. ;-).

    1. Yep, my new theme isn’t called clean home, but it feels like I did just that by swiping excess off the board. I think I have so much going on personally which I cannot change, that changing my blog was appealing.

    1. I think it’s amazing that the crab and the ostrich share the same instinct to burrow in the sand…but sticking an ostrich in Sun’s beach themed haiku would have been preposterous! I went with the crab 😝

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