It is Solved by Walking~A Proverb


Reaching for the Rope ©2013 C.HutsonWrenn 

Weariness sets in, stiffens my neck for three days. I take a walk in hopes it will untangle my jangled nerves. I shuffle my feet on the path I used to know. Goats have since mowed the grass down to stubble.  Their clustered droppings litter the ground, but don’t squish underfoot like grapes. A certain kindness.

sun shines
on forgotten

but I’m afraid for the light, the hanging question beyond this forsaken grove of trees illuminated. Can my soul sing for what remains? I examine my heart, not knowing what I’ll find among the rubble. A rabbit in the bush, a bird in the air? I keep walking nowhere. Aware of my heels now striking the ground, five toes splayed inside each shoe. My feet are free. This is my resolute song– a jack-rabbit bounds from a thicket. Hind legs so long!

reaching for the rope
i’m reminded of my feet
able to move me
from the forest to the glen~
so it is solved by walking

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20 thoughts on “It is Solved by Walking~A Proverb

  1. That first verse was superb, in this deeply mysterious piece, introduced with tension, and the tanka at the end just worked beautifully – how ‘you’ walked out of there. You painted the dark woods and atmosphere so well. There is a relief that you looked downwards, and there is much, much in this haibun.

  2. Enchanting. Once long ago I had built up a nice thick callous on my tootsies – I could walk almost anywhere without shoes… But alas it is gone, and shoes are a comfort…sometimes.

  3. Solvitur ambulando–love it.

    My favorite lines in this post are: “Can my soul sing for what remains? I examine my heart, not knowing what I’ll find among the rubble. “

    1. Sounds smooth in Latin! Not so smooth, asking the hard questions, taking an honest self-inventory. Seriously, can’t I ever turn off my monkey mind and just go for an aimless walk? Lol

      1. Oh my gosh, tell me about it. My mind feels as powerful as King Kong must, on some days. However, beautiful scenery, combined with the rhythm of my footsteps, helps to get me out of my own head.

        May we both keep on walkin’. And writing, for that matter. 😉

  4. Very enjoyable. I love the line’ I keep walking nowhere’ and think perhaps this is the only way not to get somewhere 😉

  5. I read this at least four times, enjoying the journey, and finding different things each time. I felt some mystery and apprehension. Well written and enjoyable to read over and over.

  6. thank you for sharing your walk, Angie. i had to smile over the goat droppings and thankfully, and yes, a blessing they don’t squish like grapes. 🙂 blessings for our feet too.

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