Mirror: A Ligo Haibun Challenge

Hope in Anguish

Hope in Anguish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is as if I am forever looking through a mirror, dimly lit, seeing only half of my reflection.  The ‘now’ is the ‘not yet.’  The ‘not yet,’ lives in the now. How else can I describe this life of muted colors, smells, textures, and sounds I put up with? I know there is more than even the deafening ocean breaking its sticks over stones. I am hopeful I will not remain dry. I am hopeful that someday I will not languish.  I will not anguish over the browns which settle into champagne flutes.  I imagine there will be citrine yellow, optimal pinks, violet lavender eyes; imperial swimming pool skies. There is more on the other side of this mirror. There is a who.

look in the mirror and
long for more than broken glass~
loiter here beyond


22 thoughts on “Mirror: A Ligo Haibun Challenge

      1. The whole business of identity i thought you raised, and its something we all grapple with, and often the mirror doesn’t help us in that respect. Its honesty we often want to deny.

  1. I immediately thought, upon reading, this evokes the middle ground between youth and ageing. She prepares for the changes the mirror conjures up already and knows she must accept. That she will still be who she is comforts her though the unknown is scary and she can only hope that all will go well.
    On reading again, I saw more possibilities but this first one stays with me.

  2. Full of hope, the in-between times…between who you were and who you might be. Mysterious, yet moving forward, ever-present to the possibilities… Well done.

  3. Angie, your haibun is so extremely well written (I recognized – for myself – the thoughts being expressed). I greatly enjoyed reading your words and the haiku is indeed the essence of your piece! Thank you! Penny

  4. This was a beautiful read, starting ever-so carefully and delicately. I think there are different possible interpretations, but the writing allows for them. Very thoughtful read I had. The haiku gave a message more than just an image. Have to get used to that. Beautiful haibun.

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