Mother: A Ligo Haibun Challenge

Spring comes ’round again, as Monday follows Sunday, as law follows order. She waters the houseplants, gives her hair a once over with her brush, takes a phone call from me checking in. “I’ll be alright.”  She pulls a blouse and pair of slacks on to complement the gully greens. Algae sprouts infiltrate brown undergrowth beneath the kitchen window. Rain water comes, and has a way. Filling cracks, covering grievances, making the season tender. I find she’s left the front door unlocked. Napping with eyeglasses on. Mother’s barefoot. It doesn’t make sense. A cold kettle on the stove. Whistle-less. With little resistance, she’s straight as a board fresh-fallen from a barn before bark beetles come. Both spider-veined hands are serene by her side. Dicot leaves in a flower garden. Little beautiful bones. Church organ keys are depressed. 

haibun flower
a eulogy
for spring in sharp key~
i make more phone calls

Inspired by Ligo Haibun Challenge quote: “Perfect order is the forerunner of perfect horror.” -Carlos Fuentes haiku in conjunction with flatfroghaiku 🐸



    • Thank you. Not exactly a Halloween piece, but a natural death. It was my grandma. I took the point of view of my mother. She went as peacefully as I hope to.

  1. Duuude!
    The last two lines of your prose should have been the haiku!:

    a eulogy
    for spring in sharp key
    i make more phone calls

    It just reads like a proper poets haiku. Or maybe:

    mother’s petals
    between the pages

    Nice imagery either way. Cheers for the read!
    Joe @ flatfroghaiku

  2. your haiku ended this very well – i really enjoyed reading this, though a very tough subject. may your grandma rest in peace. ♥

  3. Intricate description, with all the surroundings woven into the emotions. A very powerful piece accordingly, so detailed and atmospheric.

      • I;ll bear it in mind – the words are always sincere! I see I arrived after your editing, so things had been polished, if mildly confusing at first,but understood from comments!

  4. Personal, emotionally moving, melting with nature in the images you’ve created. And that hinge of sadness, peace embracing in the end. Powerful till the very last detail and line.

    • Thanks, Ese. Life is “moving” until the very end. A life is so elusive…I’m just trying to capture the hem of it.

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