For the Poor Man at Low Tide

san simeon coastThere’s a fantastic parlor forty minutes past cannery row’s stink on the Pacific shoreline. It’s the dream of a rich man on the rocks. For those who seek it, or happen to be in the right place at the right time, a billion treasures go on display when the water world opens her chest for the poor man at low tide. Inside the cave, creatures soft as pink feathers or the tips of tongues plaster every inch of wet rock, until it becomes a living, breathing wallpaper: quiet and quarantined. Silent as silk, the sea anemones serve to cushion millions of starfish finding their place. Even on the ceiling– a shock of flourescent orange. A punch of purple. Rich tangerine and electric blue. Such soft brilliant bodies! Without struggle, leading a double life.

treasure in the tide
a recession in the sea~
Lazarus comes forth



  1. Love:
    “…past cannery row’s stink …”
    “…dream of a rich man…”
    “…the water world opens her chest…”
    and on and on it goes. 😉

  2. Angie this post was just so richly full of onomatopoeias! Extraordinary. The sounds you put into this haibun make the reading of it again and again. Your first line is the best I have read on any post anywhere,both in image and sound again. This is a full haibun, superb writing. I hope we can include it in our anthology- details soon. On my website are two haibun quarterly magazines. This would be enjoyed there too. Unfortunately there is no payment for that.Anyway, wonderful!

    • Hear ye, hear Ye Pirate! You like the order of my written words?! I thank you very much. The word ‘onomatopoeia’ charms me because of its pleasing sound and symbolic precision. I do love to play with alliteration and assonance, as well. I’m game for publishing, and for more weekly prompts.

  3. You paint a brilliant picture, one I would like to see in person.

  4. Your words really paint so vividly, opening not only my eyes but also my soul. And, holding my breath, I am enjoying being there with you, sharing that moment, letting it all embrace me. I am amazed.

    • Words cannot skim the surface of the brazen beauty I beheld in that cave. Though I’ve gone back several times to this location, the tides had turned, prohibiting my entrance, making me think reality was a dream. Good thing I had a couple of witnesses. Thanks for the Ping back!

    • Magical is a good word to describe the cave, temporarily flushed of the sea. I don’t mind telling you that I was also a little bit afraid, being so close to so many living sea creatures. Not an inch of a wall was left vacant, and there I stood in the middle of it all with bare feet.

  5. I really enjoyed that. The flow of words carried me away and I had to re-read to get the meaning.

  6. Wait..I thought it was about wrestling with a daughter…tall and lanky?

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