A Stranger Walks Up to Me

A stranger walks up to me
over a plate of hummus at Bella Luna.
I’m tucking stray hairs behind my ear,
slipping my jacket back on, because I’m cold.

Her eyes!  Excitement and urgency
clearly tell me we ought to be opening
presents on blessed Christmas morn,
or giggling behind mama’s back!

She says, excuse the intrusion, but you look like my sister.
I let her stare, because I can’t turn away, and finally
near the end of this chance she leans in to whisper,
she was beautiful…like you.

I say thanks, and something, and she turns away
drifting past my window filling with night
into some other life–
my sister; a stranger no more.

Has this ever happened to you, when you were taken for someone else? Sometimes strangers can reach out and make the world seem a whole lot smaller, and a lot more tender. I traveled on two planes, over the continental divide, and the painted desert to meet this woman. I didn’t even ask her name, nor did she  ask mine, come to think of it. Not that it matters. This is the last time I was out and about, at a mediterranean restaurant in the midwest! and felt like “I need to write about this.” http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/daily-prompt-strange/


7 thoughts on “A Stranger Walks Up to Me

  1. Delicious encounter.
    Over the years I have been stared at, ‘recognized’, summoned , appraised, accused, hugged by strangers all in the name of mistaken identity. The one that stands out the most was by a woman I babysat for (at about 17). The couple had gone to a dance but came home early. She stared and stared until I asked, “What?”
    She had a hard time but then ‘accused’ me of slipping out to the same dance. She had SEEN me there. “What? How did I manage to get back to the kids before them then?”

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