Peter and Paul are Singing

Mary is borne a song of the sea; too holy for everyday ears, like waves breaking. Like ballads tumbling over wet pebble backs. Peter and Paul, are singing.

She’s blowing in the

Trifecta asked for 33 of our own words about a famous trio. The trio could be from literature, from history or from pop culture. I didn’t really mean to canonize or resurrect Mary Travers of the singing trio ‘Peter, Paul and Mary,’ but after learning that she died in 2009 after a fight with leukemia, I set her voice over the ocean in poem, paying tribute to one of my favorite melodies of theirs, “Blowing in the Wind.”

18 thoughts on “Peter and Paul are Singing

      1. hahaha..not sure that’ a life occupation though…..then funeral directing is a sure fire job, never out of work….lol

  1. Beautiful – I’m a huge PP&M fan, and I regret that I never saw them live. (Mary Travers lived in my hometown; they occasionally played on the green on Sunday evenings.) A beautiful tribute!

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