Peter and Paul are Singing

Mary is borne a song of the sea; too holy for everyday ears, like waves breaking. Like ballads tumbling over wet pebble backs. Peter and Paul, are singing.

She’s blowing in the wind.

[Trifecta asked for 33 of our own words about a famous trio. The trio could be from literature, from history or from pop culture. I didn’t really mean to canonize or resurrect Mary Travers of the singing trio ‘Peter, Paul and Mary,’ but after learning that she died in 2009 after a fight with leukemia, I set her voice over the ocean in poem, paying tribute to one of my favorite melodies of theirs, “Blowing in the Wind.”]


  1. This is lovely: serene, as if speaking loudly will make this picture disappear.

    A trio? I immediately thought of the three Musketeers. Ha! Peter, Paul and Mary. Perfect.

    • Aw, thanks. Wherever there’s a death, seems my pencil follows. Am I the equivalent to an ambulance-chaser, only in verse?

      • hahaha..not sure that’ a life occupation though…..then funeral directing is a sure fire job, never out of work….lol

  2. Beautiful – I’m a huge PP&M fan, and I regret that I never saw them live. (Mary Travers lived in my hometown; they occasionally played on the green on Sunday evenings.) A beautiful tribute!

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