Cat Coughs Up a Hairball


The sun is speechless, so I listen
While it rains a bare haiku of
Calico swallowing a weed of grass
Sore bent at the wall we’ve forgotten.
She throws it up!  She throws it
Up to good riddance
Retching right then and there
On arsenic or some other intoxicant
Like pond scum or dullness
Backwashed from too little tears
Creating at least one filthy rich clump
Of woven hair no one can ever untangle.



  1. From the first four words to the last line, I had to giggle. My apologies. This is lovely. I started to pick out lines I like but that would be repeating the whole poem. 😀

  2. Maybe you only thought you were writing a humorous piece about the cat’s hacking…There are many “filthy rich clump”‘s in this!

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