Enchanted Forest Trail

Tested, alone on the Enchanted Forest trail, I traverse switchbacks lower and lower into coffin depths. Unearthing sea-foam beneath my feet, I round the corner to my destination when I happen upon a brown bear.  My breath stops to look at it, a starfish I wish to toss back into the deep. Its male or femaleness is irrelevant. No, I recant. Of course, I’m stupid! A nearby cub, will set me praying against my mother; against the itsty bitsy spider. Bear tiptoes over volunteer grass. I kick against the goads; divine right-of-ways. Cattle-prodded, my chin hairs cave in.  I double-back to consider harmony: dirt, rocks, stubbly yellow flowers, the hairs on my arms, my father. Salt licks my lips. Steady browness is bear; a cow in India, faultless and sacred.

trail sketch

Scholars will travel
An enchanted forest trail
Twice in a lifetime



  1. Beautiful. A plethora of nature and the haiku is enchanting.

  2. When I think of bears… I think of the phrase ‘Dose a Bear do ‘it’ in the woods’ – relief of course. And I smile because as children we all laughed around the campfire. Most wild things are scared of us too.

    Thank you for your visit to ‘Unfair Trade Winds’. I’m trying to return visits. I am a tad lost in the e-mail forest 🙂

    • I think I read in your comment to Penny that you’re entertaining grandkids? It’s all good, getting lost in the forest. 😊

  3. That was enchanting, mysterious and almost unsettling, like a tale told from years afar. Great style, the haiku fit well. I enjoyed it very much – and thought what you did with the photo was wonderful, and added to the atmosphere.

    • Thanks, Pirate! I actually read those helpful examples you posted. I’m feeling better about sharpening my prose skills. Still a long, but fun road ahead!

    • I’m still experimenting with prose…making it more poetic, I guess. Was it confusing, or did it take your mind on tangents?

      • Angie, it reminded me of a technique used to put people in trance, for hypnotherapy (this is a good thing, by the way!).

        A process called ‘deepening’ takes the subject away from the conscious and into the subconscious, and once that status is achieved, work on the subject’s issue can begin. It’s a wonderful experience (as a giver and receiver).

        Because what you have written takes the reader along a path and then down, changing a bear from a starfish and back, the mind has no option but to follow, since it doesn’t quite make logical sense. This is a compliment – many of our issues come from trying to enforce logic on an illogical and chaotic world.

        I have trained in hypnotherapy and this would work as part of a larger script, I can tell you!

      • Wow, Freya! Now you’ve given me a lot to think about. Conscious and subconscious, yes. I was trying to be descriptive. Thanks for making me seeing at a deeper level.

  4. when i read brown bear i thought, oh-oh…could be trouble up ahead. 🙂 i enjoyed the haibun excitement.

    • The long way home is all the trouble that came of it, which ended up being worthwhile. Thanks for commenting, Sun. Your haibun were my first models!

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