1973: It All Goes To Pot

She locks herself in the bathroom hugging her stomach. Nixon’s lying.  Marlboro man is smoking.  Women are ripping unborn babies apart in the womb. This is the year she grows fat and sorry.

She is my mother.

1973 women



  1. Great all-encompassing snapshot in just a few words. Love how you’ve kept it real instead of rewriting history. Thanks for linking up!

    • Nothing more personal than a mother, I guess. It was satisfying to write this snapshot even though it was sad. Thanks for comment!

  2. I keep hoping I’m wrong about this entry of yours, it seems so cruel.
    Offering you a virtual hug, and the experience that sometimes mothers just have to be ignored.
    That last line kills me. (Not in a funny way.)

    • Thanks, Grace. I just read your flashback to sweet sixteen. I don’t care what they say, there is a young love more than puppy love.

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