My Good Night

toss your gladiolus

to the rhythm of the frogs

cover sleepy stones

with wide umbrella palms

be extra kind to those

tired garden mums

and tuck me in gently

with quiet cricket songs


29 thoughts on “My Good Night

      1. My little city-born son experienced the sound of crickets for the first time last summer. They were so noisy that he couldn’t sleep, until we told him they were chirping his name: “‘Night-‘night-‘night Nick-Nick-Nick.” Worked like a charm. 🙂 Ooo, actually, I wrote about that for a different Trifextra!

  1. “wide umbrella palms” I love that visual, of being covered in quiet and peace.

    this was so pretty and poetic, I simply wanted to rest my own head.

    such a lovely way to give way to dreams.

      1. I have that mist!!! I do. I also love Moonlight Path from B&BW spritzed on my pillows.

        Glad to see we’re on the same page of the lullaby. 😉

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