Crown Beauty


I’m the hollyhock on Hugo Hill
Squeezed between soaring lofts
An implausible tether
In sidewalk cracks
Scaling this too-tall-town,
Sky-climbing to cache
That golden crown beauty.

Gate beyond the trees.



  1. I love the connection between the poem and the pictures. Wonderful imagery.

  2. Oh, that tug-of-war between man and nature. Nicely done.

  3. I really enjoyed this piece, Angie. I knew it would be special when I read that dancing, alliterative first line. You’ve expressed the stretch and the roots of the hollyhock really well!

    • I’m extra pleased that I got a photo of it too, which makes it “all mine,” which of course, was destined to be shared with you😊

  4. This is so San Francisco 🙂 Love the connection to the Golden Gate bridge in the last two lines (and the second photo.)

    • Thanks for looking closely at the second photo. I didn’t realize the Golden Gate was in my sights until I looked through my lens! The connection of my surroundings dawned on me after the San Francisco fog lifted😃 I also love your entry, as usual.

    • This is San Francisco. Thanks for your comments. I wish I could comment on your coolness more, but my iPad is apparently uncool.

  5. This is gorgeous, Angie! I keep trying to pick a line or a few words to highlight as my favorites, but I can’t. It’s all so well done that it defies that sort of dissection. Beautiful job.

  6. A wonderful slice of beauty that can be found among the hard edges of a big city.
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