Is Love an Illusion? ~ A Haibun

I pretend to be unflappable because I have thirty years on them and a penciled diagram of where each one is supposed to sit.  Forty teenage faces examine me as I take roll. It’s Friday.  I survey a room full of hardback English books and softcopy chosen novels, stacked three to a table.

(Power Point.)  Take notes, in your own words. (Click.)

Title it, "All About Nouns."  Write that down.  (Click.)

A noun is a person, place or thing.  It can also be an idea.  (Click.)

There's common, proper, singular, plural, collective, compound, 
concrete, and abstract.

Here's a test for the illusive concept of the abstract noun:
 Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Does it make a sound? 
 Does it have flavor?  Can you smell it?  If so, it's concrete, 
 not abstract.

The skinny girl with the big mouth raises her hand. “Is making love, you know, in the good way, concrete or abstract?”

I pretend to have patience and she pretends to seek truth.  All an illusion. (Click).

if love’s like a sidewalkZoHeiCk63GslEoJ2KuMlBA

poured and set, scraped and leveled,

how would it laugh?

Līgo Haībun Challenge



  1. Excellent piece Angie. And the answer to her question is? I liked this very much.

  2. Angie, Not often time to comment, but your posts never leave me without something about which to think (?) Certainly enjoy reading them; wish I could figure how you find the time to create them and what in the world is a Haibun? (No time now to look it up myself!) love, Janet Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 16:29:06 +0000 To:

    • Hi Janet! Think of haibun as simply the Japanese form of prose. I do love poetry/prose. This was prompted by my most recent subbing day at the middle school. By the way, Sarah is now subbing too! Take Clete up tomorrow to San Fran’s neurosurgeon to figure out his back prognosis. It’s basically falling apart, so I stepped down from leading study, but will still attend. Too much to catch up on! Nice to hear from you.

    • I just realized, I totally forgot to mention this blip to the regular teacher! (To my chagrin.) thanks for seeing the humor in it.

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