Dear Dementia,

This is only a generic salutation I’m going with, so don’t take it as a term of endearment.  By no means are you “dear” to me. I’d like to forget you, but you’d probably like that, wouldn’t you? So, I’ll keep one stink-eye fixed on you.

As far as my mom is concerned, you may be discouraged to know that she hasn’t forgotten herself. She still remembers her own motto and lives by it. When a woman exceeds the age of fifty, she’ll want a little more sparkle. True to form, when I saw her last week, her ears sparkled, the back pockets on her jeans sparkled, and so did practically every shirt she unpacked from her suitcase.  She was beautiful.

I concede that you made her forget what day it was (every day), and which toothbrush was hers, but you haven’t diminished her sparkle.


Her Daughter



  1. Well said. I know last week must have been full of joy and sadness at the same time. I didn’t know that was her motto, but she has definitely started wearing more bling!

    • yes, she says “someday you’ll understand.” isn’t that how it always is? she did use my toothbrush one day because she swore it was hers. we swapped germs that day:) Good times.

  2. Years ago,my mother lifted a cake pan of mine. She wasn’t suffering from dementia. She argued it was hers so I gave it. It wasn’t till she got home she realized she had a ‘twin’ in the cupboard but would she say she was wrong? Nope.

    This is a lovely post. Bling sings and if that extra sparkle help, God bless your mother.

    • Stubborn women…got to love them. I like that she’s not as bristly as she used to be, but she’s not as strong as she’d like to be.

  3. Beautiful. Heartwarming. Lovely. Just like you and your momma.

    • Aw, that’s nice of you to say, especially since you know us! 😜Is it weird that I told her she was “cute”? She called me Lucy when I was navigating the freeways. We laughed so much in my old crapper car.

  4. I knew of a woman who got dementia very early. She had a very faithful husband. And now I see it creeping in on family members in their 70’s and 90’s. It is tough when you see that sparkle start to fade.

    I do like the pink running shoes. I may have to get me a pair. I’m over 50 and I think I still have a few shiny marbles rattling in my grey matter…

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