Stand Tall~A Pep Talk

PhotoFunia-1eab1c9_oYou don’t need an audience or any training to do what you do. You’re a natural!

That being said, if they want to come and see you, by God, let them come and see you. Don’t let that disturb you. You be the teacher who opens their minds to possibilities and flexibility, because if you’re not flexible, you’re nothing. Be willing to give yourself freely to the world…on Springer Street, on Sunset Street, or in the middle of Middleton, USA. Give the people who traveled here something spectacular to look at.

It’s your duty to do your thing!

But I can see that you don’t need all this convincing, because you’d be happy down deep in your bones even if no one never paid you no mind. You are true to who you are, my friend, and this in itself, is an outstanding feat. You’ve got me believing that your raw capability could easily raise the roof right off these rafters!

So, go on.  Do your thing.

Dig down deep, man, and be the one you were meant to be.

strip away the bark

and stretch your arms to the sky~

be the sycamore


19 thoughts on “Stand Tall~A Pep Talk

  1. I really like this. Because well, when we all do what we do best, just because we like to… it shows.
    Thanks for visiting both haibuns. I’m trying to catch up on my visits …

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