Hiya, Karate Chop!

Okay…who taped a kick-me sign to my back?? It’s not funny guys. Guys…it’s. not. funny.

At this point, I’m about to go all karate jujitsu on the joint-locking destruction that’s been attacking my husband’s back all year! It’s been a long hard row, having him out of commission these past two summers, and the surgery he previously had may have been compromised by a fall he took. It hurts too much for him to walk, so he crawls, as does our health insurance claims for treatment.

Our life is out-of-order, which may only mean we needed it re-ordered anyway.

To the devil on my husband’s back, I tag this sign: My karate chop-

Genesis 50:20

Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

Daily Prompt: State of Your Year


2 thoughts on “Hiya, Karate Chop!

    1. Thanks! Aubrey said, “I like it when you crawl, because you look like a baby.” It’s hard not to cry like one some days. I think we’re eventually headed back to surgery. He’d like to find one closer to home.

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