when he speaks…

i go out of my mind
into the deep part
of his throat where
bass drums dance
around his stippled
adam’s apple

when he speaks
i lean in far too close
to his pied piper lips
so he can charm
without reservation
the frog in my throat

when he speaks
i fall in love with
his gilded tongue
and the beautiful mouth
wrapped around it
opened only upon invitation

when he speaks
i dream of a place where
i might have dared
to dance the tango of
pleased to meet you
and the pleasure is mine

this post inspired by: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/



    • Pursed lips are the best…and he had all that practice fluting. thanks for the comment, Becky! It’s nice to see you at my place.

      • I appreciate your kind comment! I’d like to try recording some poems, like you have, but I’m still unsure about that step. Is it difficult? I like how yours turn out.

      • Thanks!! It’s not so difficult on Soundcloud- I’m not all that technologically savvy but they make it fairly easy. The hard part is getting the courage to speak loudly “to yourself” (or a computer) in an empty room! Makes me blush a bit. But once it’s done, it’s quite satisfying!

      • Okay, thanks for the Soundcloud tip, and naked truth about being nervous about such an endeavor. Nothing risked, nothing gained, as they say.

    • So glad it wasn’t too throaty for ya! I realized there was an over-emphasis on the whole throat, mouth, lips, tongue area. lol

  1. This is an excellent poem Angie. I love the imagery and the concentration on the sensuous. The final stanza of dancing the tango is a fabulous way to conclude. dancing can be so evocative.

    • Thanks! Did you ever get that hair on edge feeling just from hearing someone’s voice? That’s where this poem came from. Love at first sound, as it were.

      • Yes I know what you mean. a friend once had the experience when she met a new lover initially over the phone and she said that was the feeling she got from his voice. So it does happen. And yes some people have voices that make you want to crawl down the phone line and see if they look as good as they sound. Or just take their clothes off.

  2. “so he can charm without reservation the frog in my throat” – I love that line. It makes me think of the times when I’d be in the presence of my crush and my voice just up and left me (and took my brain with it!)

    • Funny you like the frog bit because I stuck that in later to change ‘charm’ to be a verb, according to the rules.🐸

  3. you charmed me! i loved the piped piper lips and how each line ran into the next. i certainly was entranced by that voice and mouth you described.

    • Wait, what did you say, LaTonya? Blogs Over Easy? Well, crack me an egg, and let’s eat! Thanks for including me in this smorgasbord!

  4. I’m sorry I missed this when you first wrote it. It’s a lovely portrayal of that certain thrill. Had it when speaking on the phone recently and I couldn’t get close enough to the receiver. I felt like I wanted to be inside the phone just to get closer to that voice. :)) Well done!

  5. magical…esp that last stanza to me…his speaking leading you to think of a place you’d have danced….dropped over from latonya’s promotion of you…

    • Very nice of LaTonya to name drop my blog! Thanks for the visit. I’ll have to make it over to yours as well, Brian.

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