it’s a wet blanket

or sugar on all ten toes~

why is it called sand?

toes in sand



    • Just don’t get it in your mouth, or eyes…not so magical then😝 Is it winter for you now? I’m on a summer kick.

      • Indeed. Sand is definitely not as tasty, though–haha.

        Hope you have an excellent weekend, Angie!

      • Did you vacate the west coast already? Hope it’s not too hot at home. My daughter & I are packing up for camp on Monday. Boogie boarding here we come (after shopping today for more shorts).

      • Yep, I’ve been back on the East Coast for a couple of weeks. It’s steamy here, but I don’t mind so much. The nights are rife with lightning bugs–tiny miracles.

        Happy boogie boarding. Send my regards to the Pacific Ocean. 😉

  1. I can so identify with this… I enjoy sand/sugar on my feet.
    Thanks for your visit to my haibun. Glad you enjoyed it.

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