Death of a Garage Sale Queen

Grandma slumps in her lumpy chair and the online auction begins
without a happy fifty cent orange dot sticker or swapped
conversation concerning the ceramic roosters
or their previous owners.
shoes: size 8 1/2 – 9
One dollar.
grandmas shoes



  1. There seem to be two ways to take your well-told story; I’m going with the darker of the two 😉 Perfect highlighting of the happy sticker and conversation about the ceramic roosters. Sad to think that it happens as soon as Grandma passes, as if her possessions were the only important things about her.

    (if that’s not what you wanted to portray – just know it worked for me on both levels)

    • You can take it whichever way is meaningful to you. Grandma’s not dead yet, but it saddens me that her grand garage sale days have come to an end. She’s willingly getting rid of a bunch of her stuff through a local online buy, sell and trade show.

  2. The world changes — sometimes the changes really take the fun out of stuff. Liked this piece right away. Really good.

  3. I like to go to sales myself, yes for the conversation. We had to do that for an elder – though not online sales. Downsizing for them to go into 24/7 care is a challenge for everyone.

  4. Poor grandma, having to settle for the cool anonymity of eBay or craigslist instead of all those unexpected conversations with passing strangers. The interwebs have changed our world, not always for the better.

  5. This reminded me of waiting to hear the weather forecast on the radio. It starts, and I never hear a word. Poor grandma!

  6. I think this story works on several levels; one, it shows the contrast between human interaction and the less personal world of technology and, as well, it shows that Grandma’s passion was not so much, possessions, as it was the social interaction surrounding the buying and selling of possessions and, finally, it shows the realization that time has moved on and an end of a way of life is over. All in all, a story tinged with sadness, longing and regret….all in 33 very well-chosen words. Fantastic effort!!!

    • Great synopsis, Tom. Would it make you cringe to know the truth? Grandma hosted garage sales purely for extra spending money! No joke, grandma went shopping directly after a sale😄 I like your and my version better.

  7. That charm you describe is the reason why I love garage sales!

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