Sharp Shooting

I’m doubling up on two prompts. (1) One from the Daily Writing Challenge: Kindness–Describe a moment of kindness between you and someone else–loved one or complete stranger, and (2) from Trifectra–Use the word club in your writing  defined as “a group identified by some common characteristic.”  My piece is exactly 333 words.

So I’m at Big 5 Sporting Goods to buy darts for my kids to pop balloons filled with paint on a canvas at home, and I’m distracted by the color splash of swimsuits dripping with tags inside the entrance doors. On the fat-chance-in-hell I might find a suit on a whim, I circle around the rack while an elderly woman, with her husband in tow, begins searching like me.

We swim around each other, the way women often do, and I see her hold a racer-back swimsuit in her aged and wrinkled hand, asking for his approval. Good Lord, ‘no’ is what he ought to say, but before he says anything, I swoop in as President of the women over forty club, to intervene.

“Have you considered this suit?” I ask this perfect stranger, “It comes in a size 8.”

“What size are you, dear?” the man prods the woman.

“A 12, I suppose.” Her eyes zero in. “You like that one?” She asks me.

“Yes, it’s a simple solid color with a nice upper lining.” I emphasize the built-in bra by pulling at the Jantzen cups and pinching the added cushion like a Charmin commercial. “This one comes in navy blue or black.”

“Which do you like?”

“I’ve always liked navy blue with white. It looks like the sea.”

“And which one is the navy blue?” she lowers heavy lids.

“She’s color blind,” he steps in.

This one is blue,” I put the hanger in her hand.

“What kind of blue did you say it was?”

“Navy. Like a sailor suit.”

“That’s fine. I think I’ll try it on. Do you have a key?”

I tell them I’m not an employee and we all have a chuckle. I say I’m here for darts, and in turn, he offers some kindly advice, “Don’t let your kids throw them at each other.” 

I like that his smile reveals well-worn teeth. Bullseye tip, mister. 

“I’m so glad we could help each other out, aren’t you?”

Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness

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