Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ the Sun

My first attempt at writing haibun. This week’s 2 Līgo Haībun prompts are: The sun  [or]  Childhood memory of summer camp (I choose the sun.)

A harbinger. You squint and sneeze in the sun, like I do, your uncle does, and your Papa in Kansas does too. You’re in the club, kid, the involuntary kind. It’s hereditary; the blink and expel. The hurry up and go. The shut your eyes and keep walking. The let it all hang out. But you don’t know what I’m talking about. (You say) I say too many words, and you’re right. I won’t say our teeth are set on edge because our fathers ate sour grapes. It’s a reflex, kid.  You’ll have no angry flares or chemicals damned to be unbalanced. They are solar sneezes, and I’ll bless them away. Let’s watch for sweeter things under the sun, like freckles to connect. For you, my little one, were

birthed from the sun’s loins

among the fallen apples,

a new thing–like orange


16 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ the Sun

  1. I love the cadence of it, and the straightforward tell it like it is. And it’s sweet. I like the father’s ate sour grapes line. I read this a few times.. liked it more with each read.

    1. Thanks for the read, Steph! I’m not shocked you really liked the sour grapes line, because it springs from an Ezekiel verse (18:2) I wrestled with for years concerning generational curses. It’s alive, isn’t it? Looking forward to nosing around the neighborhood😊

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