Taking Reservations

Wichita, Ks

After our backyard nuptials, our heads were in the clouds and our money was nowhere to be found. We checked in as “Mr. and Mrs.” at Red Roof Inn, and you made a late night milk and cookies run for us. And, oh my!  Why did we think that heart-shaped tub was fancy, as opposed to gross?

Well, we were kids.  We were kids without a proper honeymoon.

And so, my dear, this is why I’ve planned the perfect celebration for our 20th anniversary.

We shall still have milk and cookies (let’s not mess with perfection), but this time there won’t be any parking lots, or neon signs.  There won’t be a VCR to check out at the front desk (geez, we really aren’t kids anymore), or a free continental breakfast to sleep through.

View From the House

Imagine us tucked away in a one-bedroom cottage spending our days hiking, beach combing or exploring.  At night we’ll relax in a hot tub within earshot of barking sea lions, which will remind us of our noisy kids at home.

Won’t this simple, cozy house, be an upgrade?

Say, ‘yes,’ and I’ll put down the deposit.♥♥



    • Thanks Gina. Now we have to seal the deal and send payment. Can you believe they want $15 more to pay online? I think that’s still better than mailing a check. Hope you get to see some of America’s beauty this summer.

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