Don't give me that look.
You make me sick.
Are you listening to me?
A thirsty long-sleeved shirt licks private sweat.
Bare-chested boys on their bikes call me freak and ride on by.
I don't hear a word.
Maybe I am retarded.

Don’t you want this fictional boy to stand? I do too. I hate to leave this piece for the Trifecta challenge at “retarded,” but it makes a good call to action. With school winding down, and summer heating up, please be vigilant with any kids who may be recipients of various abuses: physical, sexual, neglect or emotional.  No kid should have to spend their summer in long-sleeved shirts to cover up bruises or burns. Report child abuse and neglect.  Make their voice heard. US or Canada Child Abuse Hotline is 1-800-422-4453  in the UK: 0800 1111 and in Australia: 1-800-688-009


14 thoughts on “Disordered

  1. This breaks my heart. We’ll have the kids dressed in long sleeves/pants when we hike through forested areas next week in order to protect them from ticks…I hope no one thinks they are hiding something 🙂

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