Bogged Down

(i cover it up)
those last four sentences          about the person i love

quipping some crap                           being better off dead                                                             (oh Lord!)

i confess            for the hopeless

and pray your love                (no less)



  1. This is cool, Angie. My eyes scanned it first from left to right, then up and down, and hopped from ellipses to ellipses. Quite an optical adventure! 🙂

    • I had to break out of my funk, and this was a good way to do it. Thanks for reading (left to right/up and down/ellipse to ellipse)

  2. Thoughtful, and I agree with Gina that the way you’ve placed the text offers different ways to absorb it.

  3. I like the visual aspect of this piece. Oh, I’d hide those lines too. An “I’d be better of dead” comment is a good way to end up under psychiatric evaluation if anyone reads it!

  4. Very well done. And so symbolic with a ferris wheel. Like your thoughts are going round and round about something negative, and you can’t seem to stop! Or get off. And I’m glad read the suggestion about reading it up and down. I understood it better then.

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