Immortal Morning

The cat meows

and scratches

at the morning,

You lie unfettered.

Your lips rest

and rattle

an indecipherable,

unspoken language.

My heart chimes in

with a pa-pump,



like always,

we’re immortal.


20 thoughts on “Immortal Morning

  1. it’s that early morning time, when we awake and our senses slowly come back that we can believe in immortality isn’t it?

    this was beautiful, the rhythm of it was lulling. 🙂

  2. Thanks to all the awesome Trifectan writers for voting this in at 3rd place this weekend!!! I’m officially on the boards😃 I’d also like to thank my wide-awake cat and my sleeping husband. Lol

  3. Ah, yes. As the ordinary moments of life consume our attention, we do forget our mortality. Perhaps part of that forgetting for Christians is the security we enjoy, knowing that heaven awaits. Thank you for the poignant reminder, and for “liking” my blog post, “Small Things.”

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