Brave Women

Tell me… One more time
How Grandma roller skated–
Hell-bent for Heaven.

If any image should be lasting, it’s the one of Grandma strapping on roller skates, throwing caution to the wind and her fragile bones to a higher power. When I think about it, that’s the best story I could pass on to my daughters. Be funny. Be coy. Be smart. Be trouble. Be happy.

But above all, be brave.

Don’t be stupid, though. My mom and I did affix a brown velour couch pillow to Grandma’s tush using my dad’s belt. We held her hand, ensuring she accomplished her lifelong wish to skate. The brevity of Grandma’s time on wheels was matched with the levity of her legacy. We laughed and tried to steady ourselves. I held and pressed the button down on the Polaroid camera. As long as I live, I hope to never forget that shining moment in time, in the backyard of my 4th Street home with grandma, mom and me.

Be brave. I now tell the same woman who cinched up Grandma’s belt.

Be brave. I tell myself. I’ve been spared another day, because mom still knows my name.

I’ll remind her tomorrow about the time we helped Grandma to skate. I’ll cinch my belt and skate around the catch in my throat when I call. I’ll remind her that it’s Mother’s Day and I’ll say “I love you, Mom.” We’ll both be brave.



  1. Love that story! It’s a good reminder that you’re never too old to try something new.

    • Why, thank you!! Grandma always reminded me of Lucille Ball, who once quipped, “I’m not funny. What I am, is brave.”

  2. What a great story! How awesome that your grandma had the courage to try skating at her age. And I love “hell bent for heaven”. What a phrase! hehe. Wishing you another brave day, between you and your mom.

    • Mothers are packed with stories. Un-packing them, is what I’ll try doing with my mom tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day😀

  3. Beautiful story Angie and something that will give you a life time of memories What a dare devil she was! Sadness yes as you will speak to your mum and she will also remember … your last paragraph says it all. Happy Mother’s Day to you x

  4. Great Haiku. Very touching. “Be brave, but don’t be stupid.” Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comments. Our grandmas could teach us a lot. I’ve been enjoying phoning mine in Kansas and having her talk my eat off. I should be writing it down.

    • Bravery is a quality in a person that inspires me to put my faith into action. We are blessed to have such people in our lives.

  5. I’m so thankful God gave us long-term memories, so we can hold on to such precious moments as Grandma’s First Foray on Skates. And your terse words of advice speak volumes to grandmothers everywhere, including me: Be funny. Be coy. Be smart. Be trouble. Be happy. But above all, be brave. Thank you, Angie! Thank you also for visiting my blog. I’m delighted that you found “Lessons from a Newborn” to be meaningful.

    • Nancy,
      That cute little face speaks volumes. Thank you for posting. Babies smile 100 times more, I’m sure, than adults do in any given day. Laughter is the best medicine for us.

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