I’ve been out there.
In the classrooms,
Collecting courage,
Stepping over cracks
In soft-poured sidewalks
Of teenaged brains.

I’ve been in my head.
Contemplating philosophy,
And whether crystals will grow in the dark.
Ruminating on death and regret,
The beautiful mundane,
And why I’d like to work here.

I’ve been making hard calls.
Re-connecting with Grandma,
A liquefying treasure,
Leaking time on a borrowed bed
They rolled in and pedal locked
Beside the big picture window.

I’ve been smothering.
Uncomfortably comfortable
Under endless blue skies,
Warm water showers,
Television hues and
Solar energy panels.

I’ve been to Smart & Final.
With money in my pocket,
To give to the beggar man
Pushing his borrowed cart,
Shuffling through the hollow lot
Of this very hungry universe.

Yada, yada, yada…this is what I’ve been up to lately, which is probably much the same as you; living life in our respective corners of the universe as best we can.  A skin cancer result didn’t weasel its way into this poem, but it did find its way to my husband’s chest!  That’s the other news; good, bad , or undecided?  Life, at times, can be so banal we risk failing to catch sight of its expansive wonder as it chronicles the budding blossom to its own beautiful fade.  Life is so precious, it makes me weep.


7 thoughts on “

    1. Thanks for not wondering how the heck I didn’t devote a poem to an evil sun😝 Fact is, we’re not too worried, but will follow-up on the 16th with diligence.

  1. This endless heat melts my mind
    Lawn manicured
    Ride completed
    Pool shines
    May thru October endless heat
    But prom should be neat!

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